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  Here you'll find all information on our most recent Album »Storming the Summit«:  
Information to »Storming the Summit«


We probably have the most comprehensive band-website in the web, but unfortunately for the English-speaking visitor 99% of our website is currently written in German. Mainly, that is because we don’t have an efficient foreign distribution. In addition, most of our lyrics are written in German and many of our themes (politics, literature etc.) also primarily concern Germany. Still, what you find here in English language is a normal sized band website. As soon as we sign a contract with a better foreign distribution, we will update the English path of this site more regularly. Until then, we refer you to our MySpace-Site for more recent information.

Updates: Most importantly, you’ll now find information on our newest album “Storming the Summit”, an extended shop, new songs in MP3-format, new reviews to “Storming the Summit” and of course a completely new layout and design!



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  Das 2. Megalith Album »Gipfelstürmer«  
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